famous secretaries of state


famous secretaries of state

Former Secretaries of State - US Department of State

Former Secretaries of State - US Department of State

Former Secretaries of State. Thomas Jefferson (17901793) Edmund Jennings Randolph (17941795) Timothy Pickering (17951800) John Marshall (18001801) James Madison (18011809) Robert Smith (18091811) James Monroe (18111817) John Quincy Adams (18171825)

List of Secretaries of State of the United States - Wikipedia

This is a list of Secretaries of State of the United States. Contents. [hide]. 1 Secretaries of Foreign Affairs (1781–1789); 2 List of Secretaries of State; 3 List of  ...

The Ten Best Secretaries Of State… | AMERICAN HERITAGE

Thomas Jefferson. Daniel Webster. Dean Acheson. George Marshall. John Hay. State Department. Secretaries of State. American Foreign Policy.

The Best Former US Secretaries of State, Ranked

People who've served as US Secretary of State include some of the biggest names in the history of American politics. Many of the most talkedabout politicians ...

List of all Secretaries of State | U.S. Cabinet Members

View a list of all Secretaries of State who have served in the U.S. Cabinet. Learn details about their background, time in office, and more.

Famous US Secretaries of State - On This Day

List of famous us secretaries of state with famous, historically important and notable us secretaries of state handpicked by our team of expert editors.

4 Answers - Who are the top 5 Secretaries of State in US History?

In chronological order: James Madison (18011809): Negotiated the Louisiana purchase with ... Arguably the most influential Secretary of State. Madeleine ...

BBC NEWS | Americas | Notable secretaries of state

Served: 19731977. Famous quote: Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Henry Kissinger was both secretary of state and national security ...

What Makes a Good Secretary of State? | HuffPost

Every president has his own way of determining who would make his best secretary of state, but all commandersinchief tend to focus on how a candidate w...

Secretary of State Office Websites for All U.S. States - The Balance

The links and phone numbers for U.S. Secretary of State offices for each state and territory. You'll contact them for establishing your business.

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