for the fatherland in german


for the fatherland in german

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It was used in Mein Kampf, and on a sign in a German concentration camp, also signed, Adolf Hitler. As such, the word Vaterland could be connected with National Socialism outside Germany; in Germany, this is not the case.

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'fatherland' in Other Languages. If someone is very proud of the country where they or their ancestors were born, they sometimes refer to it as the fatherland. They were willing to serve the fatherland in its hour of need.

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Translation for 'fatherland' in the free EnglishGerman dictionary and many other German translations. dictionary :: fatherland :: German-English translation GermanEnglish Dictionary: Translation for fatherland.

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Fatherland translated from English to German including synonyms, definitions, and related words.

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Translate the word fatherland to German. The dictionary languages are English German:

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The summary of several answers is: Both the term Motherland and Fatherland have been used in both countries, however often with political connotations. Fatherland in Germany has a distinct militaristic connotation to it and Motherland in Russia has a distinct political connotation to it! The threads linked ...

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Translation for 'fatherland' in the free EnglishGerman dictionary and many other German translations.

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German headstones back as far at the early 18th century include died for the Fatherland so I'm guessing it's got a long tradition, and that would seem to exclude some government official simply using the term in a speech and it being adopted by the population. It also seems to predate the establishment ...

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fatherland translation german, EnglishGerman dictionary, meaning, see also ' fathead',father',fatherly',fatherinlaw', example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary.

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